Grey propaganda examples

grey propaganda examples

Even propaganda is categorized based on the methods it uses to shape its argument. These categories are traditionally labelled as white, black, and gray. Grey Propaganda is a type of Propaganda where the correct source of the information is never 1 Reported Examples of Grey Propaganda. ‎ Reported Examples of · ‎ Second World War · ‎ Cold War. Grey propaganda definition: propaganda that does not identify its source | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. grey propaganda examples During the salt march, a challenge to the British salt monopoly, colonial officials in India pondered whether to arrest Gandhi, realising that to do so would most likely inflame Indian opposition to British rule Dalton, If the protesters are being violent themselves - perhaps just by breaking a few windows, throwing bottles, striking police or even just pushing against them - then violence used against them does not seem so outrageous, even when roulette online game free play police violence is far more severe. Torture obviously meets this requirement. In between white and black backfire is a category of backfire in which the cause of outrage is uncertain but is successfully attributed to a target. The difference between grey propaganda examples and black propaganda is often a fine line.


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Grey propaganda examples - and Classes:

Any sort of injustice has the potential to backfire, from censorship to torture. Some of this propaganda material came directly from Wellington House white , while other portions were disguised gray. The Central Intelligence agency CIA planned an operation, called Northwoods, in which it would create terrorist attacks that would appear to be the work of Castro's Cuban regime, thus causing a black backfire on Castro. Defend yourself against the invisible enemy - Get vaccinated! Wellington House had to disseminate material to its target audience that did not appear to be propaganda— or at least not all the time. It was organised, funded and supervised by the CIA, and targeted what the US military called the 'VC infrastructure' - VC standing for Viet Cong - a misleading term for the Vietnamese civilian supporters of the opposition forces.